No. Name Comments Town/City Country
151 John Wakeman Birmingham UK
152 Emma West Yorkshire needs a speedway team, whether that be at Bradford, Halifax or even both! bradford England
153 simon bring back odsal..knock down the corporate boxes that have been built overhanging the track so speedway cant be run there.stop the tail wgging the dog!!! luddendenfoot yorkshire
154 Richie chapman Bradford Dukes are essential to british speedway. with such a long and successfull history they deserve to be revived. Its unbelievably rediculous that the dukes are not in operation. bring back the dukes, both for the people/city of Bradford. and national speedway in general...... Berwick upon tweed uk
155 J McNaney West Midlands U.K
156 Iain Brown I live in Leicester and used to regularly travel to Bradford speedway from 1986 (ish) to 1997, some 10-15 times in a season. It was an excellent track and stadium. Leicester UK
157 THE DUKE Bring it back! It is an integral part of West Yorkshires motorsport heritage of which there is nothing left. Huddersfield UK
158 Sarah Kinsell Stourbridge England
159 S. Wagstaffe I used to support Bradford as a teenager, originally as the Barons and then the Dukes. It was a sad day when the local council allowed a great speedway club to disappear and appear to have done nothing since to assist in its return. Bradford has relatively few opportunities to make an impression on the world sporting stage. The local council should re-examine its priorities and we former Bradford speedway supporters look forward to the early return of the sport to the city. Hockley UK
160 Duncan Towler this should never have happened in the first place. Burnley England
161 Clare Tighe Bradford England
162 Graham Vaughan Anything you guys can do to bring back another speedway track has got to be good news. Best of luck with your campaign. Canterbury England
163 Claire Bradford and the West yorkshire area could sustain a speedway team. Bardwell Suffolk
164 Peter Ferris Speedway is back on the up with Nationwide coverage of domestic & Global meetings being shown on Sky. At the moment I travel upto 40 miles to watch meetings at Belle Vue (manchester) or Sheffield when I could watch meetings on my own doorstep literally, keeping my hard earned money in the local economy. Please help in bringing back the Bradford Dukes Thackley, Bradford England
165 Steve Somers A great idea and as a Shay and Odsal regular since 1974 I really hope it comes to be, I now live in Whitby but would happily travel to Odsal(it's nearer than Coventry) Whitby England
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