No. Name Comments Town/City Country
500 neil robinson being a heathen we no whot its like, councel are ******* come on heathens best in the world , cradley heath england
501 Carl Nicklin I would love to see speedway back in Bradford. Newcastle United Kingdom
502 Paul Reading Come on.. give it a chance! Lemington Spa England
503 Stephen Long Good luck in your efforts Ipswich England
504 Anthony Keough Bring back the Dukes! I grew up watching speedway and the dukes were always one of the biggest names and they for me still could be... Wigan UK
505 Keith Farmery I was a regular at Odsal - it was a stadium and track that demonstrated all that is good about speedway. IT IS GREATLY MISSED Scunthorpe England
507 Joanne Johnston Bring back the family sport of speedway to Bradford. High Wycombe England
508 Keith Miller Speedway being good Family entertainment saw me introduced to Speedway in the late 40's with my parents, and have supported Bradford until their demise in the 90's even though we have moved away from Bradford, but would welcome a weekly trip to support a Bradford team to enhance my retirement from work. at the moment we just support speedway visiting various tracks, but no real team to hold on to. Southport UK
509 Barry Bishop It was a true shame that speedway finished in Bradford, and now Bradford is missing the highlights of sky coverage.. Oxford UK
510 Daniel Burn I used to go to Odsal with my dad as a child from a very young age,It is a great shame that we dont have anything here anymore,I would very much like to see Speedway back at Odsal. Leeds England
511 Steve Bastow I still can't believe that an area the size of West Yorkshire can't boast a single Speedway team. Odsal was fine race track capable of hosting the biggest international meetings - time to get West Yorkshire back on the map! Leeds UK
512 Bob Edwards I have been trying to get Cradley back on track for the last 12 years so I know what you are up against. Bradford was a great track. I will never forget Erik's blast around to Americans in the World Final. Keep the faith and good luck. Stourbridge West Midlands
513 robert vincent walsall west midlands
514 Will Pottinger I fully support the return of Bradford Speedway. Being a Cradley fan i know how you Bradford fans feel not having a track. I miss going to Odsal as it was one of the best tracks in the world and produced some superb racing. Hopefully one day we'll see Bradford vs. Cradley back on a speedway track. All the best for the future. Dudley/West Midlands UK
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