No. Name Comments Town/City Country
710 Yvonne Holder Please bring back this wonderful sport to Bradford. I was one of the Marching Girls who "entertained" at the interval. St.Austell England
711 Jason Gosney Odsal was one of the greatest tracks i've attended and i've attended a few! Sheffield England
712 mark galpin It is with great regret that another speedway track disappeared from the nation. I was lucky enough to get to Odsal to be able to see my poole Pirates on it a couple of times. the racing was so fast around its sweeping bends & I hope to be able to see the Dukes make a reappearance on the track in the not too distant tuture bournemouth Great Britain
713 Tony Calvert Bring back the Dukes Swansea Wales
714 Richard Brook Speedway gives great pleasur eand entertainment to thousands of people and is well known as a family sport, very important in today's world of increasing work hours and modern technology for families to have opportunities for families to spend time together Wolverhampton West Midlands
715 chris simpson one of the best speedway stadiums ever, always loved the atmosphere, not matched anywhere else swansea UK
716 David Firth Basildon England
717 paul dumbill elite league,world cup could you imagine it! odsal was awsome for racing with its high banks track, great for spectators, sadly missed but not forgot.aces fan good luck manchester england
718 phil jasper as a cradley fan i no wot its like without speedway so lets support each other and get speedway back in both towns ommer um stourbridge england
719 barry wilkinson bradford uk
720 Andrew Tilley Not been to Bradford since the speedway and stock cars finished, used to visit once a month. Sandbach UK
721 James Loder Didcot England
722 Helen Steward The first speedway I ever saw was at Odsal in 1992. I hope that Bradford gets its speedway back! Hull UK
723 Keith Clayton I used to think that Bradford was a back-water City up on t'moors until I started following speedway, and journied to Bradford weekly to attend speedway meetings. I really got to know Bradford, visiting the City Centre and going on to make friends in the city and attend other entertainments at St.Georges Hall and theatres. Speedwy is the best publicity a city can have. Peaceful fans, good people, a great sport. Sheffield UK
724 timothy baker bradford desevered speedway let the bike roar we at somerset do. gloucester gloucestershire
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