No. Name Comments Town/City Country
725 Justin Cox Speedway gets a raw deal in this country. Good luck! Bristol England
726 Chris Mahoney I hope that you all can make it happen!!!! Toronto Canada
727 Trevor Kimberley Speedway has always been a credit to Bradford, so why should the use of Odsal stadium be denighed? I have watched racing at Odsal many times, despite living in Leicestershire, and l would very much like the opportunity to do so again. Leicester UK
728 Anne Kimberley It's not just the racing that is lost when a Speedway track closes. The friendships made on the terraces with people from all over the country goes too. Speedway is unique in this respect, with supporters from all over standing together and sharing a common bond. In this day and age, surely any Council would find this fast disappearing comradeship desirable. Come on Bradford, it's part of a Council's duty to promote it's area, and Speedway is a national and worldwide sport, renowned for the friendliness of it's fans. Don't just think about it, get the Dukes back at Odsal in 2008. Leicester UK
729 Andrew De Boise High Wycombe England
730 robert phinn bradford speedway was one of my favourite away meetings, the supporters were always friendly and the odsal stadium had a great atmosphere, i really hope i get to visit there again to watch speedway one day soon. shrewsbury shropshire
731 Bernard John Atherton The city of Bradford should have its own Speedway team Bradford has always had a speedway team at Odsal Blackrod Bolton Lancashire England
732 Geoffrey Kerr-Morgan I visited Odsal to watch speedway in the 1970's when Gary Petersen and Robin Adlington rode for Bradford. Speedway needs more tracks especially in towns or Cities like Bradford.Keep on fighting Middlesbrough Cleveland
733 PHILIP MEAD Other are back so lets see the great Name of Bradford with a team in speedway again. What ever nick name. They need elite as well. Philip Mead Norwich Norfolk
734 Colin Gray With Sky coverage, now top-flight speedway is a highly supported, marketable asset for any town or city and the Bradford/Leeds area would be a fantastic addition to the national league, with its superb history and obviously huge fan-base. Please bring back Elite Speedway to Bradford! Bournemouth England
735 Keith Ashington Watched Bradford Speedway from 1993 - 1997. since moved to Scotland, but would love to see it back at Bradford again. Glasgow Scotland
736 Kevin Higgins Ossett England
737 Les Norman Let us consider what the City of Bradford has to offer in national sporting terms. Apparently there is a Rugby League team, but Rugby League is a sport confined to a small area of the country. What do people living in Devon, Sussex, the Midlands, East Anglia, Scotland etc know of the Bradford Bulls? Does Bradford have a football team left? Yes l think there may be one languishing in the unpublised lower divisions. No wonder Bradford is the poor relation of Leeds. There was once a Bradford Speedway team carrying the name of the city from the South Coast to Glasgow and Edinburgh in the north, giving Bradford the sort of publicity money cannot buy. This is without even considering the vast numbers visiting Bradford to attend Speedway meetings. In truth, does Bradford have so much to offer that the attractions of a Speedway team can be ignored? I think not, and it is surely beholden upon the City Council to right the terrible error made in halting the use of Odsal stadium for Speedway. No Speedway in Leeds since before the war, so a golden opportunity for Bradford to outshine it's neighbour, and one that the City Council should not spurn. Markfield England
738 david lane followed speedway for nearly 40 years and would love to see speedway back at the old odsal. bradford england
739 Alison Frost i would love speedway to return to Bradford so that I could bring my sons along. mirfield west yorkshire
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