No. Name Comments Town/City Country
770 Dave Bring back the family sport guisborough uk
771 Sue Dyke The more clubs that can reopen can only be good news for such a great sport. Good luck with the venture. Stockport United Kingdom
772 Stuart Greenhalgh Good luck with the venture. Bradford deserve a speedway team again. Stockport United Kingdom
773 Freda Yeadon Halifax UK
774 Simon Parker I fully support the return of Speedway to Bradford. It would generate income for the city and create interest in Bradford on the world-wide stage. Sheffield but working in Bradford UK
775 Matt Jones watched some fantastic speedway up at odsal, as a Cradley fan i know what your going through, and i hope the dukes will once again grace the shail as i hope the heathens will... good luck burnham England
776 Trev Smith We are being deprived of our nearest venue to watch one of our favourite sports. York England
777 martin miller bring it back,we need speedway back in yorkshire. huddersfield uk
778 Colin Andrew Asquith Offering my support to your campaign Bradford England
779 neal parkinson Ossett england
780 Dave Feakes Best of luck with your efforts to get Bradford speedway up and running again. All large cities should have a speedway and Bradford is one of them. Ipswich England
781 Ashley Jeffries First started watching speedway at the age of 4, with my father at Bradford, now 21 i support Belle Vue, though Bradford was a far better stage for speedway, and Mr Bear was amazing, loved the sweets, (i was only young). Clitheroe England
782 Adrian Rutherford Please bring this great stadium to life again for speedway. Excellent facility, easily accessible. Why not earn from it and provide for all-ages family entertainment. Norwich United Kingdom
783 Colin Demaine I have been going to the speedway since Odsal reopened after the war, until its last the past couple of years i have had to travel to scunthorpe( best track in the country and fans) and would love to see the same in success in bradford or west yorkshire area. Bradford UK
784 Paul Hobson i have been going to the speedway all my life with my family. i currently go to scunthorpe, however i would love to have a track near so that i can support a local team bradford Uk
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