No. Name Comments Town/City Country
800 Simon Ashworth I always supported the Dukes, and spent money in Bradford every saturday......its a long time since racing ceased, but i, and my family would support the Dukes without fail when they are ALLOWED TO RACE again by the council. Malton, North Yorkshire England
801 ian lucas i hope this works i will always remember watching per johnson win the 1990 world championship at odsal henley on thames england
802 Alex Brady Come on the Dukes! i saw my 1st ever meeting at Kings Lynn against these, get them open again! Norwich Norfolk
803 Steven Ribbons Good luck with bringing Speedway back to Bradford. I haven't been to the city since Odsal closed. Ten years is too long! Cheshunt Hertfordshire
804 Chris Hutton Bring Back The Dukes Gomersal United Kingdom
805 adam sheppard Speedway clubs are going all the time. the sport is dying. it would be lovely to see a club come back for once! bradford england
806 robert sheppard Bring Back The Dukes. Bradford England
808 owen walker top league racing should return to bradford southampton u k
809 Paul Embury Would welcome the return to the Speedway world of Bradford. Stoke on Trent England
810 Richard H Tate Woodley, Berkshire UK
811 Keith Stallard I'd love speedway back at Bradford. Wolves fans always enjoyed good banter with Dukes fans and it would be great to see them again in a home of their own. WOLVERHAMPTON ENGLAND
812 Johnny Vaughn I think speedway should be in every state or province around the globe! It is by far the most exciting raceing in the world second to none!!"good luck fellows" MARTINEZ, CALIFORNIA U.S.A.
813 Glyn Stewart speedway supporters were conned in 1997 after being told that the track would close for 1 season for improvements. The truth of the matter is the Bulls did not want speedway at Odsal and they fed the council with something (Bulls went into great debt shortly afterwards) read that as you wish. One day the Bulls will have a bad season and will be unable to pay the council. The cry will be "lets get speedway back". Huddersfield England
814 Peter Ferris BRING BACK THE DUKES!!!!! Speedway is beginning to thrive again and this would be a great time to bring Bradford back. Thackley, Bradford England
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