No. Name Comments Town/City Country
76 teessidepaul billingham england
77 Peter bradbury Bring back the dukes! manchester england
78 Shaun Carney Have only seen old photographs of Odsal, probably the best track I have ever seen and would love to see Speedway back in Bradford, surely there is a large enough Community to get behind this? Northumberland UK
79 Chris Seaward Swindon UK
80 Simon Priest Rowley Regis West Midlands England
81 Rosie Any new teams can only be good for British speedway, expecially a team like Bradford. I have only ever heard good things about this club and the set-up at Odsal. Sheffield England
82 Chris Wells Best wishes to the Dukes, One of the best tracks in British speedway, sadly missed!!! Sheffield South Yorks
83 Ian Affleck I used to come up from Crewe to watch the Dukes race in the early 90's, some top class racing and some excellent crowds.Bring back the Dukes, Bradford and speedway needs you. Crewe UK
84 Nigel Pearson Odsal was always a great place to watch speedway, one of my favourite tracks of all-time. I feel sad now when I see it on Sky for Rugby League. I also loved the Shay and cannot help but feel a Bradford or Halifax return would be supported by thousands. Selby UK
85 Jody Walker There are so many fans around west yorkshire there would be an instant fan base for the Dukes! Barnsley England
86 Phil Parker We need more tracks in Yorkshire. As a Sheffield supporter I enjoy away meetings but most tracks are too far away to visit on work days. Speedway needs more tracks and enlightened councils are granting licences in increasing numbers. Good luck! Barnsley South Yorkshire
87 jane mcguire retford united kingdom
88 Andy Douglas Having been brought up on speedway on Teesside, I have lived in the Leeds area for over twenty years visiting Odsal on occasion until it's demise. Now with two boys of 11 and 8, I've taken them to Redcar, Scunthorpe and Sheffield in the last two seasons. They love it. It would be so much easier to have a more local track I could take them to. Good luck with your efforts to bring speedway back to Bradford. Leeds UK
89 Derek Yeardley All major cities should have a sport that families can attend without fear of violence on the terraces and speedway is that. People make too much about noise but sheffield has run for 75 yrs withiut problems and what about Belle Vue. think of the visiting fans that will come to Bradford. Odsal has wanted doing something for years there have been promises but no action. Swallownest England
90 sarah ellis went to bradford speedway several times when i as younger and each time i had an amazing visit... Pure travesty when speedway was shut as they were one of the best team's going...Speedway would thrive n a city like Bradford and needs to be given another chance. berwick upon tweed england
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