No. Name Comments Town/City Country
995 Sarah Graham I used to go to speedway all the time. Bring it back please Denholme England
996 Matthew Hann My sat nights have never been the same Huddersfield England
997 Dave Pearson There must be thousands who would like to see speedway return to Bradford Bradford West Yorkshire
998 Richard Drake Please bring speedway back to Bradford. This area is screaming for a local team. Currently have to travel to Newcastle, Scunthorpe, Sheffield to watch a very exciting sport Liversedge United Kingdom
999 Sue Pearson Please bring speedway back to Bradford. It's a fantastic familly sport Bradford West Yorkshire
1000 Amanda Drake Please bring speedway back to Bradford Liversedge West Yorkshire
1006 Richard Halfpenny Bradford England
1007 David Dowling Bradford United Kingdom
1008 Julie Kirk Bring it back to Odsal Stadium! Bradford England, UK
1009 B. Connick I used to watch it as a kid and would love to see it here in Bradford again, even better back at Odsal Bradford England, UK
1010 Kane Holmes I am 11yrs old and my mum cannot afford to take me miles away to watch it so PLEASE PLEASE let Bradford have it once again. Then maybe i'll get to see it!! Bradford England, UK
1011 William Ciesielski My dad watched the team at Odsal in the 1990's& was there when Gary Havelock became world champion in Wroclaw Poland. I would love to watch it again in Bradford Bradford England
1012 Mr Marek Sliperski I used to follow The Dukes in early 90's of the past century, also on my several trips to the Bradford fans. I would really love to see speedway back there! Gniezno Poland
1013 Robert Waterhouse Huddersfield West Yorkshire
1014 Gail Khan (Wigglesworth) Speedway has been in my family for decades. WE've toured the world watching Speedway and Bradford is our home so would love to see it back. I used to be involved in the running of the souvenir shop and once upon a time a cheer leader and start line assistant (although i think those days are over!). I would be willing to support any bid to secure speedway in Bradford as unfortunately now all i do is watch it on Sky and go to the Cardiff GP. Bradford England
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