No. Name Comments Town/City Country
1045 heather pilkington i am from the Arthur Forrest days and boy did we have fun ducking and diving avoiding the cinders.Fantastic Bradford Britain
1046 richard mott did not deserve to die the way it did - shame on the people who had a hand in the demise melbourne australia
1047 tony coomber shipley england
1048 John Truscott I was fortunate to see the 1985 World Finals at Odsal and still have the programme. I would love to be able to take my grand children to see a local team! Halifax England
1049 Sharon Hillas Speedway has always been a great family sport. My Dad took me, I took my children when they were small.Bring speedway back to Bradford!! bradford england
1050 James Squibb I will never forget the 1st time i visited bradford, it was the 2nd leg of the b.s.p.a cup final and my team poole pirates were the visitors, i remember coming through the turnstil and looking down at the bowl with its terracing and massive stand, and pits wonderfully located for all fans to see,then to top it all off the best banked track in the country and i was just blown away by it all.To me it was the best speedway stadium of them all and to think it all ended because of rugby, [no offence!] but at least i got to go there twice [british league riders final 1992 2nd time round] and watch some speedway, enough said! poole/dorset uk
1051 daniel cunningham bradford england
1052 Rafal Niedziela Lublin Poland
1053 Martin Rogers Jnr Speedway is a source of unique entertainment that cannot be found in any other sport in the UK at this moment in time Wales United Kingdom
1054 rich walker my dad used to take me to odsal in the early 70s to see Bradford Northern. I rememebr the sights, smells and cheering on Alan Knapkin et al as if it were only yesterday. it would be fantastic to see speedway return to bradford dewsbury uk
1055 Dale Turner Spent many happy evenings at Bradford Speedway, we are losing to many tracks Sanford USA
1056 Ryan Sparks I watched Bradford Dukes from the age of 4 until they closed and i have missed it ever since!, The nearest team to me is either Sheffield or Scunthorpe Idle, Bradford United Kingdom
1057 Neville Capper People need Social events,and a sense of history,to pass on to future generations.Having a team with Bradford's fame and success is a privilege which can't be bought. [Belle Vue Fan from Hyde rd era] Oldham UK
1058 David Brook I visited Belle Vue and it brough back all the memories... Bradford England
1059 Marc Pearson It is shocking how Bradford dumped Speedway! Bring it back! Bradford United Kingdom
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